“The genie of the lamp" or the story of EON.

This is... rethinking traditional lighting and daring to explore the possibility that the outline of our cutting boards could have another function and give shape to new creations.

It is... bringing light and telling a story without extravagance. The story of the wood we find that has stood the test of time.

It is... conquering two worlds and finding the right balance between wood and light and finally having the courage to be open minded where everyone can let their imagination run wild.

It is finally... a mixture of art and craftsmanship where our skills will allow the successful transformation of the finished object.

Bringing beautiful lighting into a room gives a touch of design and can give a feeling of vastness and the impression of having removed the walls.

The lamps of the "EON" Collection are an artistic and aesthetic mix that will find its place in any space...

Available in various sizes at our showroom/workshop in Noé (31) or by request in the contact section.


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