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The fabrication of the boards with noble materials



The wooden cutting board is an essential utensil for enthusiasts of fine cuisine. It has been designed to facilitate the cutting of meats and poultry and to compliment the service of cheese, fruit, tapas and appetizers. Many options and opportunities to use it.


RBS LA PLANCHE boards are practical, authentic and attractive. Suitable for use in the kitchen as well as on tables. Our cutting boards are a subtle blend of modernity and simplicity with a rustic and contemporary design. They are well known and renowned by many French and foreign chefs.

The cutting board is perfect for one-on-one or groups depending on the model. Robust and elegant, it will brighten up your tables and your evenings allowing professionals to create sublime presentations.

  La planche à Noé


The various styles, shapes and wood types of our boards allow both amateur and professional cooks to achieve perfection. They are made from French wood that has been naturally dried for years (never in a kiln with exception of the Hevea wood).


Why choose RBS - La Planche products?

All of our creations are made by craftsmen at our workshop in Noé (31). Each piece has a unique shape and is carefully crafted over several hours using solid woods. The boards can be provided with an engraved brass plate (personalization available) and a colored leather cord. They can also be personalized with a laser engraving that will give a chic and contemporary look. Different shapes exist to allow the cutting of meat and/or a unique, convivial and practical way to serve appetizers, raclette, tapas, cheeses, ... Made from various types of wood such as oak, elm, hevea, walnut or beech, they are designed to be functional. With or without handles, our boards are impressive with their simplicity and sleek design.


Sanitary and easy to clean (by hand with a sponge and dish washing liquid) however, we recommend oiling the board before using for the first time. Repeat the process when it appears dry or after intensive cleaning.


This will prevent oxidation and excessive staining. We recommend edible oils such as grapeseed or walnut oil.



Rates including VAT valid until the end of 2018

For more information about renting our service and display platters, please refer to the Rental page or contact me directly at +33 0 6 81 31 89 81.

  • Board HEBO 36/22/2.2 ( LxWxH) 18€/day and 20€/weekend
  • Board HEBO 56/22/2.2 18€/day  20€ /weekend
  • Board HEBO 75/22/2.2 18€/day  20€/weekend
  • Board HEBO 90/22/2.2 21€/day  23€/weekend
  • Board HEBO 110/22/2.2 21€/ day 23€/weekend

For additional products: Please request a quote.



Rates including VAT valid until the end of 2018

Inspired by ham bags, we have created our own line of bags and pouches.

In order to protect your boards or/and transport them in the best conditions, RBS LA PLANCHE proposes bags suited to each board. They are made in our workshop, using high quality fabric (cotton/linen), that is sturdy and attractive. Bags are sold separately.

  • Bag HEBO 173 12€
  • Bag HEBO 174 and LA PETIT VIGNE 189/190 14€
  • Bag HEBO 175 and LA GRAND VIGNE 191 16€
  • Bag HEBO 176 18€
  • Bag HEBO 177 20€
  • Bag HEBO 182 and LA PETIT VIGNE 188 10€
  • Bag BACCHUS 183 and LA GRAND VIGNE 192 and GARONNE 185 18€
  • Bag BACCHUS 178/184 and LA GRANG VIGNE 193/194 and GARONNE 186/187 24€
  • Bag BACCHUS 179 and LA GRAND VIGNE 195 30€
  • Bag BACCHUS 180 and LA GRAND VIGNE 196 34€
  • Bag BACCHUS 181 40€
  • Bread bags / bottle bags / tea towels available by request
  • Boards in other sizes: Quote available by request

10% discount on orders of 10 or more pieces
Dimension modifications available by request

We specialize in the creation of handcrafted, wooden service boards. For more information or to request a quote, please contact our workshop.






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