Creation and design of handcrafted cutting boards and furniture in Haute-Garonne (31)






LA PLANCHE's workshop is located in Haute-Garonne in the village of Noé and specializes in the creation of cutting boards, butchers’ blocks and high-quality wooden platters as well as the creation of custom-made furniture for individuals and professionals.

Founded by Christine BORRET in 2016 who is passionate about design, fashion and interior decoration. The pieces she designs are made in collaboration with her husband Jean Christophe ROUSSET (a specialist in woodworking and in the restoration of historical monuments for more than 30 years) using high quality noble materials of unique atypical shapes and aesthetic looks. Each board and furniture bearing the RBS LA PLANCHE signature are handmade creations produced in small series or in unique customizable pieces.

Several creations are featured in the FURNITURE and LA PLANCHE sections of this site.



Specialized in woodwork, assistance and advise will be provided according to your requests and your needs.

Specialized in the creation of cutting boards and high-end handcrafted furniture in Haute Garonne, this site offers you a beautiful collection of cutting boards, wooden platters and furniture combining the finesse of design, the nobility of wood and all accompanied with great boldness.... All the creations are 100% handmade in our workshop.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will work with you in planning your project, however unique it may be, as we have done numerous times with our previous clients... (in alphabetical order)


  • AGENCE MARIE CAMILLE designer (Troyes),
  • AUBERGE DES ARYELETS restaurant(Aulon),
  • CAMPAIGN brewery (Toulouse)
  • CHEZ CHRISTOPHE gourmet shop (VillefranchedeLauragais),
  • CHEZ JULIETTE cheese shop (Blagnac),
  • COYA restaurant (Paris and Monaco),
  • DRDO restaurant (Colomiers)

  • EDEN ROC bar (St Barthélémy),
  • L'EPICERIE MODERNE gourmet shop (Toulouse),
  • L'HOTEL DE LA POSTE restaurant (Gap),
  • LA COMPAGNIE FRANCAISE restaurant (Toulouse),
  • LA COMTESSE DU BARRY gourmet shop (France and Luxembourg),
  • LA GARRIGUIE cabins and guest rooms (Labastide Gabausse),
  • LA GOURMANDINE restaurant (Toulouse),
  • LE FIGUIER DE SAINT ESPRIT restaurant (Antibes),
  • THE GARDEN OF CAMILLE AND QUENTIN restaurant (Peymeinade),
  • LE WESTIN PARISVENDOME restaurant (Paris),
  • MAMATO dining cellar (ReuilMalmaison)
  • O BO LOCAL restaurant (Carbonne)
  • O BON VIVRE restaurant (Venerque),
  • GOLD RED butcher's shop (Limoges),
  • YUME (Paris)


Our Specialties

Whether you are an individual or a business, RBS LA PLANCHE offers you a wide variety of cutting boards and solid wooden platters:



  • cutting boards
  • tapas boards
  • charcuterie boards
  • cheese boards
  • butcher's block
  • creation of furniture (table, desk, bar, bookshelves.....)
  • any wooden support that comes into contact with food
  • etc...  

Professionalism, organization, passion and innovation are our motto.

Give us the opportunity to create your wooden cutting boards, platters, tables or furniture and RBS LA PLANCHE will assure a high quality and impeccable finish.       

RBS- La Planche: our commitments

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction, so, we promise to :

  • Respect the agreed deadlines
  • Use quality materials
  • Be attentive to our customers
  • Provide sound advice